Automotive Seating Design

During the first phase of the evolution of the cars, emphasis was more on the engine, powertrain, and chassis. Simultaneously, electronics was also being introduced in the cars to make the control units and systems more fail-proof and intelligent. However, the automotive OEMs in collaboration with tier-1 suppliers of automotive components also have been gradually investing in the car seating in order to deliver a value-add driving experience to their customers.
The standard car seat is designed to support thighs, the buttocks, lower and upper back, and head support. The front driver and passenger seats of most vehicles have three main parts: the seat back (squab), seat base (cushion), and the head-rest. These components are usually constructed from foam to provide comfort to the rider. When choosing this product, foam manufacturers must consider the most suitable foam for balancing comfort, support, safety, and recycling properties.

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