Certified CNG/PNG Professional

City gas distribution sector is an emerging field with a potential to generate significant jobs over the next 10 years. It’s a boon for core branch engineering students as well as fresh engineers who are fighting shortage of job opportunities.
CGD/LNG companies are already operating in a more than 400 districts across the country and various newly licensed entities will supply gas to households, commercial establishments, industry and automotive sector throughout the nation with Ongoing LNG/CGD Projects. More than 5000 BIO CNG Units are also coming up in large way in Sugar Mills.
Such rapid growth in this sector has the potential to create a significant number of jobs over the next few years. The CGD entities will require thousands of skilled and semi-skilled Engineers, technicians and contractors.

Why Skill training in CNG/PNG

-Vast Institute and Industry gap.
-Vast demand supply gap.
-Developing project management skills provides you with the foundation for developing the other skills required to be effective: leadership, communications, and strategic assessment. We don’t learn these skills in engineering school and many engineers will move through their entire career never learning them.

Hence you need:
-Fundamentals and essentials of Engineering PNG/CNG Engineering and knowledge of tools, procedures and methodologies for efficient Planning and implementation of Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
PNG/CNG engineers need a thorough understanding of the dynamics and processes of an CNG/LNG Project to design and implement a efficient Project planning, executing and monitoring system from start to finish to complete the Project within the time schedule and within the budget.
-PNG/CNG Engineers have a multidisciplinary role, working closely with knowledge of electrical, instrumentation and mechanical streams across a number of functions, including planning, risk assessment, execution, procurement, scheduling, execution and commissioning the Project and Operation and Management.
-Relevant technical knowledge and up-to-date PNG/CNG Distribution Systems knowledge.
-Project management skills & Ability to multitask activities.

Programme Presentation:
The training is presented with an Instructor driven on line mode. The instructor walks the trainees throughout the training scheme into a virtual Industry set up sharing his/her own industrial experiences with examples and case studies and make the training easily palatable and understandable to trainees.
Course training is basically focused on the easy to understand applicable CNG/PNG concepts rather than going into underlying theory subjects.