Certified Engineering Project Professional

Transforming Budding Engineers into job ready professionals by training them with Industry demanded skills Industry demands skilled Project Engineers in various fields. The project management profession is likely to out perform total global job growth over the next decade, creating millions of new positions in India that pay highly-competitive wages, according to a report.
“India will require 70 lakh new project managers in next 5-7 years. India will emerge as the fastest growing country in the world for project management-oriented employment,” according to Project Management Institute’s (PMI) report – Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017 [Economic Times]
The growth in project management oriented occupations will be on account of expansion in key sectors like manufacturing, construction, chemical, steel, nonferrous, cement, pharmaceutical, fertilizers & pesticides, Oil& gas, technology, Railways, Aviation, Shipping and Power Sectors.
The training program provides a structural study of Industrial Project Engineering/Management philosophy. The training covers the study of Concept to Commissioning of an Industrial Project right from idea,to planning, procurement, analysis, initiation, expediting, testing, execution, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities, with easy to understand examples.

Why Skill Training in Industrial Project Engineering/Management

-Vast Institute and Industry gap as also vast demand supply gap in the Engineering Project sector.
-University curriculum provides you Certificate/Diploma but very less employability skills which is just not sufficient to star working as a professional Project Engineer or even landing into a decent project job.
– Most Engineering Institute curricula ignore the Project Engineering topics as required by the industry.
– Recently Engineers guild has recommended introduction of Project Engineering and Management as a separate branch in Technical universities throughout the nation. Project Engineering is basis for Complete Engineer.

Program Presentation:

The training is presented with an Instructor driven on line mode. The instructor walks the trainees throughout the training scheme into a virtual Industry set up sharing his/her own industrial project experiences with examples and case studies and make the training easily palatable and understandable to trainees. Course training is basically focused on the easy to understand applicable Industrial Projects Engineering concepts rather than going into underlying theory subjects. Training Focus will be on working principles of Project Planning, Project execution, scheduled commissioning, operation and maintenance of post commissioned industrial projects.
And most importantly give trainees the initiation in Project engineering and site scenarios and make them genuinely job ready to adapt and take up the industrial project engineering jobs with more or less no site training by the employer organizations. Trainees will be trained to take up their Project site job responsibilities in a very short period and equivalent to any experienced Project engineer.