Who are we?

UpSkul is an online R&D institute that aims at up-skilling core branch engineers to turn them into Industry experts through our personalized courses and mentorship. We offer live project experience and tutorials to make fresh graduates ready for the industry. Our vision is to improve the R&D industry in India thereby creating numerous employment opportunities.

We aim to benefit

  • Graduates to learn industry-specific skills find their dream job.
  • Colleges to prepare their students for placement opportunities.
  • Companies to train their fresher and experienced employees for big projects.
  • Startups to build their prototype.

Our special services

What makes us unique is our focus on personalized education and flexible modules

Tech-enabled Learning

UpSkul’s state-of-the-art training methods include a video demonstration, CAD assistance, AI-enabled doubt solver, and more to provide practical-based learning in a virtual environment.

Expert connect

Our courses are created as well as delivered by industry professionals working for top-notch brands. This helps students gain real-time knowledge of what’s happening in the industry.

Lifetime Access

Even after completion of a course, all training materials like video lectures, PDFs, PPTs, project details, etc. remain available to the student for future references. Any subject matter-related queries even in the latter part of your career are handled by UpSkul’s experts.


Our special team helps our students to apply, appear and qualify for jobs matching their profiles. We also have in-bulit portal for industry jobs.

Support on Personal Projects

UpSkul helps you to work on your own personal projects (freelance/startup ideas) even after completion of your course. This because our mentors are passionate to help the new generation of engineers to take R&D to the next level.

community of Professionals

UpSkul has an online community for R&D professionals all over the world to discuss the present and future trends in their respective industries, brainstorm on innovative technologies and provide guidance to everyone in need. 

Our Promise

UpSkul is an online Institute, all the courses launched on our website are designed as per industry standards.  Each course is delivered by Industry professionals who have mastery in their domain. These domain experts have a 10+ years of industry experience. The knowledge gained from these programs will help students and professionals to practically perform in their respective careers. This makes us unique from all other edtech platforms. 

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